Leadership 2.0 | Michael Hyatt

After recent posts i couldn’t resist linking to this blog post.

In the context of Local government i hear the words “business as usual” a lot, in fact probably more than i should. What i like about the post as a whole is that it articulates Leadership as it has always been seen but using current understanding in relation to the web.

I firmly believe that right “outcomes” are the most important thing and to be flexible, adaptable and agile enough to support them is a critical success factor of any business.

The interesting link here is that this is what my colleagues and myself in the Enterprise Architecture team are working towards in relation to the ICT business here.

The following quote in my view sits well with our ethos as a team.

New-style leaders are on the cutting edge of experimentation. If something doesn’t work, they change course quickly. They are more concerned about driving the right outcomes than maintaining business-as-usual.

via Leadership 2.0 | Michael Hyatt.

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