Leading When You Don’t Have Formal Authority – HarvardBusiness.org

This is very much linked to the DEMOS video link i posted earlier today.

I have always believed that if you want to inspire others you have to be the change you want to see in other people. If you apply this to the public sector and the recent press about certain expenses, it is hard to feel inspired by our “leaders”. But i guess the real question is are politicians leaders in our society?

For me, and my personal view is that  I am inspired by different people, does that mean i am disconnected with democracy?

How can we support and nurture the leaders who inspire people to actively participate in society in a way that facilitates change on a local and national scale.

I think we need to support people to realise, feel and appreciate that they have the power. Imagine what would happen then!

Let your enthusiasm for the work be contagious. Every job, project, and activity has unique fundamentals that, when respected, naturally enhance the endeavor. Engineers who truly revere math and physics, for example, tend not only to build better things but also to motivate other people (whom they often don’t manage) with their love of the discipline.

via Leading When You Don’t Have Formal Authority – Steven DeMaio – HarvardBusiness.org.

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