LGIU – Action Learning Set – Social Networking and Participation

Last friday (24th April) i attended the LGIU (Local Government Information Unit) action learning set. I was asked to speak for about 30 minutes on our experiences in Devon and in particular the strategic perspective as opposed to a detailed practitioner level (otherwise Katie would should have gone)

I had planned to blog sooner about the day but it provided some excellent ideas about how social networking can provide a bridge between individual and group engagement. But i still need to think more about this as well as touch base again with Tim Davies who was facilitating the Action Learning Set and Bill Badham from the National Youth Agency.

The session was made up of various people from a youth focused background to a corporate background, so it provided a good mix and balance for discussions.

Tim had asked me to try and focus on where this fit into the wider picture but also practical approaches to taking this forward within local councils, so that is what i tried to do within the 30 minutes.

My slides are here

and i also used the video of my Chief Executive again as it is becoming more and more relevant and more powerful the more i watch it and use it.

The most interesting and more important link that you can make if you are looking to move forward in this area is to link it into the Hear By Right Framework. There is huge potential to at least get wider strategic support for this type of activity if you connect with your colleague in the  youth service and children and young people’s directorates and help make those connections.

I am planning on writing a blog post about how i see the wider framework for the way my councils works in these spaces over the next week or so.


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