What does “Customer” have in common with “Quantum”

I’m not talking James Bond Quantum of Solace here i am referring to the recently published list of “banned words” for local government

Which include:

  • customer
  • dialogue
  • quantum
  • empowerment
  • enhance
  • flex
  • and my favourite “welcome”

I think we should set up a formal buzzword bingo game where every week we report how many times we actually here or read these words in internal and external communications.

A few on the list which in my opinion fit the “why would someone use this anyway” category are

  • Tested for Soundness – is this trying to be “street”
  • Worklessness – is this related to credit crunch
  • Edge-fit – something i would expect to see in B&Q

Anyway, i will try my best to reduce my usage of some of these from now on.


One thought on “What does “Customer” have in common with “Quantum”

  1. this list of words has caused quite a few hours of entertainment down here. I’m constantly beating my drum about Council jargon and while the use of ‘best practice’ and ‘quick win’ should be outlawed, it does seem like they’ve gone a bit overboard. My personal favourite is ‘worklessness’ I’d really love to be able to see a working example of this being used.

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