HBR – Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership – HBR.org

Found this article via this Tweet from Dominic Campbell. To say it was VERY interesting is right on the money.

Over the last few years i have started to develop a fascination with , which has kind of led me to where i am now – Enterprise Architecture. Forget the perception that Enterprise Architects are technical experts, there is a shift and it is more about facilitation, communications and strategy. In my opinion it requires an understanding of people, business and in particular Leaders who make decisions.

The subject of Leadership has always been something which kept coming up in that we need “real” leaders to drive dynamic customer driven organsiations forward, people who are prepared to enable and support people to take measured risk and to innovate and strive for greater creativity in the way we work, live and play.

This Harvard Business review article “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership – HBR.org” struck a chord and has confirmed my desire to study in this area and to look at expanding my knowledge in this area.

If anyone has any suggested materials or articles worth reading in this area, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “HBR – Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership – HBR.org

  1. Social intelligence? You really learn this sort of stuff really early in life; you can teach people the mechanics but isn’t it really something that’s deep inside you? I think you can show people how to be better managers but I’m not convinced you can teach leadership.

    1. I agree you can’t teach people to become leaders, you need to identify them and then nuture, encourage and support them.

      What we tend to have to “managers” who think they are leaders. but if you look at what the article says, i’m not following anyone here, maybe my peers though.

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