Connecting with former colleagues – Mike Ellis – Life Work and Growing up

One of the great things i love about social media tools, is the obvious ability to reconnect with people you once worked with even if they are located close by.

Sometimes maintaining an online connection becomes the only practical way to stay in touch, that way it makes the physical connections seem more valuable when you do get around to meeting.

Anyway, the reason i mention this is a former colleague (Mike Ellis) who i reconnected with via Facebook and more recently Twitter has set up his own blog.  His expertise and knowledge is vast and what struck me about his blog was his comments about collaborative leadership and partnership working.  I’ve highlighted the section which i think represents my view around how social media is helping to transform culture and challenge current thinking in society, a kind of leadership 2.0 approach.

I am doing a lot of work on collaborative leadership and partnership working at the moment. It’s an intriguing area of work that I want to say more about in the next few months. I want to try and get to the heart of what it takes to work effectively with others to deliver real change and improvement for the citizen without becoming bogged down or retreating into a mindset that protects individual or organisational interests at the expense of making real improvements for the citizen. My emerging view is that it is about people and leadership not rules, procedures and protocols. It’s about behaviour and commitment. It’s about practical changes not policies, strategies and glossy plans. I want to develop my thinking here in the coming months.

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