The ever growing Twitterers from DCC

On the 14th January i summarised the social media journey so far in my council and I listed the known DCC twitterers, well since then we have had a steady increase in twitterings – a total of 26 accounts.

Original DCC Twitterers (not all are constantly active)

  • Me
  • Sue Tylcoat – Solutions Development Manager @suety
  • Pete Morton – Enterprise Architect @podra
  • Sue Bicks – Enterprise Architect @subix
  • Russell Taylor – eComms @russ_t_uk
  • Martin Howitt – Enterprise Architect @mhowitt
  • Emma Jarvis – ICT Programmes @emjarvis
  • Pip Tucker – Head of Strategic Intelligence @piptucker (private)
  • Richard Carter – Head of Business Transformation @rcarter (private)
  • Anna Matthews – National Management Trainee @localgovgrad
  • Lynda Bowler – Libraries Web Manager @lmbowler
  • Sarah Evans – Improvement Officer @sarahevans7
  • Katie Bacon – Youth Participation @katie_bacon
  • Shaun Carter  – Strategic Intelligence @Shaun32

Found or joined since the 14th January

  • Paula Miles -Corporate Communications @paulamiles
  • Fliss Clooney – Libraries – @flissc
  • Lesley Salter – Libraries – @lesleysalter
  • Julian Manning – Consultation – @julian_manning (private)
  • Helen Drever – Strategic Intelligence – @hdrever
  • Charlie Lee – Finance – @charlie_lee (private)
  • Robert Weeks – Enterprise Architect @robjw
  • Kevin Gillick – Project/Programme Management @kev_bo
  • Simon Bailey – Enterprise Architect @smbsmb

The Council has currently got 2 twitter accounts

We also have our first Councillor twittering as well

I am still on the hunt for more and also encouraging others to join. If you do work for DCC and you are not on the list let me know.


One thought on “The ever growing Twitterers from DCC

  1. I followed a library conference on Twitter today – the links to the powerpoint presentations were fairly useful. The brevity of each Twit were like thought provoking bullet points of the proceedings. Shame that Twitpics were WebWashed.

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