Open Source, Open Standards and Re–Use: Government Action Plan

In case you haven’t seen this:

The website also suggests that if you are going to discuss this in online spaces use the following tag: #ukgovOSS

The four areas highlighted in the foreword by Tom Watson – Minister for Digital Engagement sets a clear direction of travel and one in which i completely support:

They are:

  1. We want to ensure that we continue to use the best possible solutions for public services at the best value for money; and that we pay a fair price for what we have to buy.
  2. We want to share and re-use what the taxpayer has already purchased across the public sector – not just to avoid paying twice, but to reduce risks and to drive common, joined up solutions to the common needs of government.
  3. We want to encourage innovation and innovators – inside Government by encouraging open source thinking, and outside Government by helping to develop a vibrant market.
  4. We want to give leadership to the IT industry and to the wider economy to benefit from the information we generate and the software we develop in Government

For me I’d like to see more open source thinking, that in itself can be transformational and can lead to exciting innovations and solutions.

This will lay foundations for a huge number of opportunities around enabling local and central government to create and understand a single view of “place”.

We hear a lot about single view of the citizen, staff and businesses etc but it is also important from a planning, biodiversity, conservation, wildlife, heritage, culture, leisure etc that we can see a consistent and complete picture of a place, where i live for example.  This would truly be a powerful took in engagement specifically around the duty to involve agenda.

Anyway, take a look, and comment where appropriate.


One thought on “Open Source, Open Standards and Re–Use: Government Action Plan

  1. In these times of economic turmoil, anything that helps improve our websites has to be a good thing. (Both in terms of administration / development and customer user experience and functionality). Absolutely 100% behind the concepts of Open Source and the points the document raises. However, the fun will be trying to make sure these sorts of initiatives work with Share Point. Now this might sound like a strange thing to say in this post but so many organisations are determined to follow the Share Point / Microsoft route we could end up with two competing drivers. Now… an Open Source Share Point platform could be interesting. Or, maybe Open Source can come along and push Share Point into the long grass and it’s never seen again… Hopefully the Open Source project can be both speedy in implementation and cost effective in practice. Fingers crossed…

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