News | Social networks alter minds of young people, says neuroscientist – NMA

An very short article but interesting, it eludes to the fact that we really ought to know more about social media and social networking before we take a position on it.

My view is, once we know about it and experience it, it compliments our lives and shouldn’t be seen as something that takes over our lives.

Something to think about and keep an watching brief over.


2 thoughts on “News | Social networks alter minds of young people, says neuroscientist – NMA

  1. Growing up in a social media environment will undoubtedly have an impact on the behaviours, conceptual awareness etc. of young people.

    In the same way that growing up in an era of TV had an impact on the minds of those who grew up in that era – and encouraged in their different behaviours etc. from the non-televised generation before…

    We have at least two challenges for our watching brief:

    1) To identify which aspects of that change are good, and which are bad – and given our judgement is likely to depend on whether we’ve experienced that or not (i.e. grown up with the technology or not) we really need to negotiate the answers with young people;

    2) We need to recognise the new literacies that a digital world requires – including knowing when to disconnect for a short period of time. And we need to identify the best ways to equip young people with these literacies.

    1. Great reply Tim,

      I can’t agree with you more. It will be interesting to see how we engage with people to help identify the answers

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