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Really interesting post Via the Social Media Today website.

It really does demonstrate the rapid rise of Twitter – Did you know that in January this year Twitter had nearly 55 million visits a growth of 1,227% in 12 months, rising to third behind Facebook (1.2 billion visits 256% increase over twelve months) and MySpace (pretty much the same) in the Top 25 Social Networks.

What I found interesting about the article was this:

Rather than use a mobile shortcode and keyword, they can invite customers to “D @company keyword” via Twitter, without any of the inbound or outbound SMS costs associated with mobile marketing. Yet like text messaging, the company can begin to build a relationship with the customer via Twitter – and even follow their updates to understand what motivates and interests them.

This really does offer a radical new way in which companies can start to build customer relationships. For me this presents challenges around CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Strategies in Local and Central Government – Can we really capture all this conversation in a single CRM platform, do we or better still do our customers want us to?

It starts to raise the questions about what “being customer focused” means with social tools and how they compliment local or central government activities.

Food for thought

For the full article see – Collective Conversation » Marketing Technology » Blog Archive » Twitter: The New Mobile Marketing.


3 thoughts on “Collective Conversation » Twitter: The New Mobile Marketing

  1. I think that’s right. I’ve been thinking a lot about this in terms of our customers at the IDeA and council’s “customers”. Maybe this single view of the customer was a myth? We’re trying to channel customers into a single database when meanwhile as citizens we have different ways of approaching the public services in our areas.

    For my own job, I see conversations happening in all kinds of places. We can’t confine these to a single database and conversations can’t be confined to the community of practice platform. This makes facilitation more complicated, but richer at the same time, too.

  2. Good points, i think we need to develop a framework for contact which enables us as organisations to link together different strands of contact to provide a “whole” picture.

    Managing customer contact is a great idea and where possible we need to understand the interactions people have with us, but it may require us to think about having multiple systems and repositories. The key challenge then will be to ensure data and information can be shared across systems.

    Exciting stuff really…when you think about it :o)

  3. Interesting idea: include Twitter in the list of technologies integrated with our CRM. Currently we can track phone calls, emails, SMS messages, and chats. I guess it’s time to add one more.

    There’s a project I’d like to be on.

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