Another excuse for a Wii

I saw this post in the latest eGov Bulletin (register here to receive). I must admit that I am a fan of the Wii, although i have not personally got one. It is something i am looking to purchase in the near future. I post this because it just goes to show that multi-channel delivery is alive.

Will the next generation of this be a real life version of the Sims, with interactive voting for real people and involvement in local decisions etc. Something to ponder no doubt, whilst you select which character to play with on Mario Cart or how fit you are.

Games Console To Provide Information And E-Services.

The Nintendo Wii games console is to be used to provide health information and online services to the elderly and chronically ill across the UK, as part of a collaboration between the government’s Technology Strategy Board and DigiTV, an agency of Kirklees Council set up to provide access to services through interactive TV and mobile phones.

The games console will be used as a new channel to DigiTV’s ‘Looking Local’ portal, providing health and care  information and creating a communication network for both carers and the cared-for, prolonging independent living. If trials are successful, the console could be used as a means of supplying other types of digital information. The Wii console was chosen for its accessible controls, which are easy to use for people with impaired hand control.

“Some may think that a games console is not relevant to the elderly, but once you look past the packaging and marketing, the Wii is actually very user-friendly for the elderly and can help tackle social isolation,” Steve Langrick of Kirklees told E-Government Bulletin.

“It’s about bringing the richness of the internet to a different platform.” Services delivered using games consoles could also offer a route to other target audiences. DigiTV spokesperson Caris Stoller said the service would be a useful method of engaging with young people in their homes or at community or youth centres. “It is an effective way of communicating with this group, meaning they could access services and information of which they may not otherwise take notice,” Stoller said.

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