Enabling Collaboration – 3 Priorities for New Administration

I found the link to this via the Citizen Engagement blog and the Victoria eGov Resource Centre. The document description states:

President Obama has called for government to become more transparent, participatory, and collaborative. The National Academy’s Collaboration Project has issued a paper highlighting three priorities that the new President must focus on to make this vision a reality. The paper, “Enabling Collaboration: Three Priorities for the New Administration,” encourages the President to create an open technology environment; treat data as a national asset; and foster a culture and framework for collaboration. By focusing on these priorities, President Obama can begin transforming federal agencies and departments so that they can execute the goal of a more open and transparent democracy.

The 3 priorities very much fit with recent posts and discussions here in the UK around opening up information, supporting open IT environments and changing cultures to encourage and nurture online conversations, networking and collaboration.

  1. Create an open IT Environment
  2. Treat data as a National Asset
  3. Foster a culture of collaboration

I have also embedded the document below for quicker access:


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