Gartner – Innovation and change in the public sector?

A colleague Martin Howitt who blogs over at the Devon Enterprise Architects Blog spotted this post by Gartner

The views and position it highlights in the post is one of the reasons why i enjoy doing my job as it essentially challenges this position and tries to encourage the organisation to understand risk better and to become more creative and innovative.

The work i have been doing over the last 9 months i believe has been challenging the risk adverse culture that exists.

However i feel the tide is shifting faster than i had anticipated, I was having lunch on Wednesday when a colleague from a Directorate who was in the audience of one of my awareness sessions told me that the problem they have now is managing expectation as to what people can do and how that can be managed in terms of resources and capacity. Great result but it now identifies a new challenge, which is understanding and promoting good use as well as progressing the online participation and social media policy. The other challenge is making sure people are using the right tools for the right job and are not just jumping in any tool expecting an audience or customer base to be there.

No doubt i’ll post more on how we tackle this but it almost feels like we have overcome the hard part and are now moving toward a wave of adoption. Or i maybe over optimistic…

One thought on “Gartner – Innovation and change in the public sector?

  1. I look forward to reading about how you accomplish awareness about using the right tools.

    While I’m keen for people here to explore new tools I don’t want that to lead to a ‘lets do it because we can attitude either.’

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