A new job, a new challenge

Last Thursday I had an interview for an Enterprise Architect Post within my Council and I was informed on the same day that I was successful.

This was a huge relief and it feels great as I have been in my current role (with a few tweaks over the last year) for essentially 5 years and it was time to move on.

The role of Enterprise Architect is an interesting one and an emerging one in my council, the team is literally only 1 year old so i feel i am joining at the right time.

What does an Enterprise Architect do, i ask you say, well my wife did so i thought i’d share with you what my new role is all about.

The purpose as defined in the Job Description is an Enterprise Architect translates business vision and strategy into effective change within the Council and its partners.  It is a bit more detailed than that (all 28 pages) but i’ll provide my version.

An EA (Enterprise Architect) needs to understand people, processes, information and technology (in particular within the council), and their relationships to one another and to the external environment (partners and suppliers).

Using this knowledge I will need to use various skills to define and then implement new ways of working, systems and technologies, with new interrelationships, which better address the challenges facing the Council.

The main point is that the EA will focus on Core and Commons issues to ensure that any investment/programme and project gives the greatest benefit across the whole “enterprise”.

A colleague Martin Howitt, who contributes to the team’s Blog wrote this post “What does an Enterprise Architecture look like”  It provides an introduction to the approach and framework that we follow here.

For me, i really started to understand what the EA role was really about through the work i am doing on Social Media.

The reason it clicked for me is that in Enterprise Architecture you need to focus on the lines and not the boxes. In social media terms you focus on the connections and what they offer and how they can develop and not the technologies you use to foster or nurture them.

There are others in the team who know more than I do and i will post contributions to the team blog.

However i am now starting a new journey which i will also share with you.  I will also continue to share what my council is doing in different areas in particular social media and web which i feel proud about whether that is a success or a failure.

So i hope you continue to read the blog and comment where you can.

3 thoughts on “A new job, a new challenge

    1. Hi Andy,


      Yes, I am able to keep myself involved but will have to take a slightly more strategic approach, but that is already recognised within the action learning set anyway.


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