Better late than never

Over the past few days and weeks i have been looking for books on and around the theme of social media and change. Some of them i wish i had read a while ago, but as the post title states, better late than never.

In a conversation with Sharon Richardson (@joiningdots on twitter) on wednesday, she suggested i read the book – “Wikinomics” by Don Tapscott.

In adding it to my amazon wishlist, i thought i’d search you tube for any relevant videos etc and found this one.

Sharon also mentioned the book “We Think” by Charles Leadbeater, again i did the same and found this short video

If you are interested in collaborative creativity, this TED Talk features Charles Leadbeater talking about the rise of the amateur professional

Do you have any good books you would recommend i read in this area?


3 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. fascinating stuff–I am going to focus on reading some books this february and posting about them–not that I needed more to read so

    these include nowtopia, pronoia, tribes, reality check, groundswell, and a collection of poetry/prose by aussie blogger paul squires…

    btw, how’s your camper van? i’m on my second westie, looking for a synchro!

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