Being “creative” with Social Media

I happened upon this blog post by Stef Lewandowski via a tweet or retweet or two.

The rules or general approach that Stef highlights are brilliant, however i thought i would try and add to or even compliment them with perhaps some overlap, which i make no apology for.

  1. Start thinking
    Probably the hardest thing to do really whilst seeming like the easiest. Henry Ford said “thinking is the hardest job there is which is probably why so few people do it”
    The challenge is to try and find conditions which make thinking easier to do. This is something you will need to ask yourself. I find walking and being in water, either a bath, shower, swimming or surfing as long as i am water a great place to think.
    So get out an about and try new things and find out what conditions enable you think clearly.
  2. Use and recognise laziness as an asset
    Now i don’t mean the traits that make people fat and overweight, i mean the desire people have to achieve more by doing less. I wouldn’t say i was lazy as such, but there are certain task that i dread doing and therefore have a lazy attitude towards them, but in recent times social media tools have enabled me to reduce the burden of these tasks, researching online and looking at other websites, RSS saved me huge amounts of time.
    Laziness should be harnessed, i have often wanted to get a project going but felt other people would be better at doing it than me so adopted the cuckoo approach (which lays its eggs in other nests for them to manage) this approach not only gets an idea developed but also allows others to take credit for ideas and innovation so increases their willingness to support other new and exciting ideas in the future.
  3. Accept what you’ve got and get on with it
    We always hear people complain about lack of this and lack of that, we need to accept what we have and prioritise, and make the best use of the skills and resources we do have. Nearly everyone else is in the same position but yet they deliver innovation.
    Social media tools are a great opportunity here, we could do so much without doing anything more than what is already there, now why aren’t more things being done?
  4. Bend the rules to breaking point or cheat
    Understand the rules of the game we all play and push the boundaries until they nearly break and if they do, so what you may well have invented a new game.  Many successful companies broke rules or did things outside of the rules and found new niche markets to explore and benefit from. Low cost airlines are a classic example

But the biggest thing i agree with in Stef’s post is allowing yourself to fail and fail yourself to success.

Now with these rules or guidelines, i will start to approach social media opportunities in the same way and see where it gets me, it seems that this is a lower cost strategy because the cost to set up, trial and fail is so low. After all, we won’t get it right every time but a t least i won’t be wasting huge amounts of pubic money on the process.

I think i was doing this to some degree but now i have a framework which i have accepted it may make it easier.

Please share your experiences and or failures so others can benefit from your learning.

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