If Social Media were a chicken and Culture shift was an Egg, which would come first?

I think this post will lead to a series of posts around how social media can help transform organisations and communities and hopefully bridging the gap between the two.

It occurred to me recently that with all that social media can facilitate and achieve, it really requires a culture shift to fully embrace the potential. Maybe the potential will always remain potential but should we really accept that?

But on the flip side, social media and the way in which it can challenge current thinking can lead to a culture shift, so which should come first.  A culture shift to embrace social media or Social media to help change the culture?

as a starting point Craig Thomler from eGov AU posted on this subject and it makes an interesting read.  The point i take from this point is that whilst eGov in the UK was about developing and creating interactive websites and online services to encourage new ways of delivering services to the citizens. It failed because it didn’t focus on the people and culture change issues.

Whilst reading the review of the recent “ReadWriteGov” event, i noticed quote on a slide from Steph Gray.

“interactive websites need Interactive organisations”

So i guess at this stage, what i want to get from these posts is a deeper understanding around the new models of engagement, the new self selecting communities of interest and if possible new opportunities for democracy and political engagement in decision making.


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