Something more to awareness raising

Today i have just managed to read a post i had saved for “later” (Dominic Campbell’s post on Events round up 1: Crowd Surfing) but now after reading wish i had read it when it was posted.

For me this post and the book he refers to “Crowd Surfing” (Which i need to buy) raises a number of great points and changes my perspective of how i need to continue to raise the awareness and benefits of social media tools within business and organisations.

It reaffirms to me that the technology is not the issue, it is the behaviour of people, consumers, groups and communities that we need to respect more. The tools available now just make it easier and quicker to co-ordinate and build consensus.  This was a theme that came back to me during the public sector online conference.  We all need to do more to distract people from the actual tools and the brands associated with them. There are huge lessons to be had for leaders and politicians from this book but i need not go on, as you can read Dominic views yourself and the books blog for more information.

I just need to think a little more and go buy the book.


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