Is blogging really so 2004?

I was some what gutted earlier today when i saw a link to a Wired article entitled “Twitter, Flickr, Facebook make Blogs look so 2004”  The reason i’m gutted is that i have only recently (June 08) and i am encouraging others to do the same. I am hoping that it isn’t really the case, as i don’t want to feel that along with fashion, i am at nearly a decade out of date!!

However i completely agree that there are an increase in so called professional bloggers, but who cares, they offer something to the large audience and in my opinion don’t distract people from finding my blog or even thinking that my blog is “professional”, i believe there will always be room for real bloggers sharing real thoughts on real issues.

But, and i couldn’t help finding a legitimate use of the new polling function, i thought i would run a poll to find out what people think in response to this article.

5 thoughts on “Is blogging really so 2004?

  1. I read that article and didn’t really get the point of it. Theres space for all of them, people will use all of them in different ways, and all of them will go through different trends. Personally I read more ‘small’ blogs than I do the magazine blogs – but I like both.

    I think Dave Briggs has it right though that the article itself is just ‘link bait’

    Good excuse for running a poll though 😉

  2. Thanks Mike, i think that the reality is that new tools will always seem to be better as they have fewer people in them, blogging has just reached the mainstream that is all and it is now just a formal method of communications. The others are still finding their way in business terms….but we will no doubt see a repeat of this in a few years saying “get out of twitter and into faceblog or something”.

  3. I’ve been blogging for quite a while – and while I think Blogs are so 2004 is partly true for the US, they really didn’t take off in the UK until a couple of years later. So maybe they’re just sooo 2006.

    I do see people using them differently, though. And they’re maybe less about status update (where Twitter and Facebook have a role) than about considered thought. Personally, I hope a bunch of blogs do die away…many of them have nothing to add. But that will leave the field open for the better ones.

    The magazine style “blogs” might just evolve into something else. But the need for well written personal perspective – the whole point of a blog – will be just as strong.

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