Developing guidelines for…

As part of the wider work i am getting involved in around Social Media and Social Networking, one of the tasks is to conduct a review and re-write the current internet/email usage policy to incorporate new and social media tools, such as wikis, blogging and social networking.

The aim is to create some overarching or underpinning (depends how you see these things) principles for online participation. This would be supported by (we hope) a robust all encompassing policy (a colleague is doing this bit, i managed to pull the long straw on that one). Below all of this would be some specific guidelines which would signpost relevant materials and existing guidelines where appropriate e.g. for email we would signpost customer service standards for communications.

I thought i would share the links that i have come across, kindly signposted to me by Dave Briggs and Simon Wakeman via Twitter earlier today.

If you are aware of more, then please do share them. I will post ours when they have been approved.

2 thoughts on “Developing guidelines for…

  1. Hi Carl – is the focus mainly internal or external use, or both? I think each requires different policies and guidelines.

    Internal is very easy – you just need simple guidelines but I would avoid something as formal as a policy.

    For external, personally I would use guidelines and trust people, which seems to be what works well for others.

    Here’s an old post about Microsoft’s evolution of external blogging (including unofficial guidelines) that you might find interesting:

  2. Thanks Rob, it is a bit of both, and i agree we need to keep it on the soft side, but audit want a policy to ensure that if there is abuse then something can be done.


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