Reflective thoughts on Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day a day when bloggers around the world all blog about one topic, this year is Poverty.

I have read a few blogs today which all raise awareness and touch on some very difficult topics around poverty. But for me, it is hard to really appreciate the level of poverty that people experience.

I wouldn’t say i was rich, in cash terms (I work in local government 🙂 )but i am with family and friends and feel very blessed for that. Recent challenges have reinforced that.

Poverty in the current global financial climate seems for most people only a few steps away. Generally most people associate poverty with third world countries and the people who through no fault of their own and stuck in life situations where the chances and opportunities to provide for your family are limited if non existent.

On a different perspective, i was watching Jamie’s Ministry of Food and he was referring to the health of our nation and how he had seen children in “poverty” eat healthier than some of the kids in this country. This was an interesting and yet challenging thing to say and one which i tend to agree with only from the point of view that our society is ignorant to the basic things it has at its disposal.

I believe we can help to reduce particular aspect of poverty through helping people to understand food and learning to cook.

So here is a recipe for something simple for egg fried rice

You will need: Rice, Eggs, Dark Soya Sauce, peas

  • take some rice and wash it first
  • Boil it (follow this recipe for well cooked rice)
  • In a bowl mix and beat 1/2 eggs for scrambling
  • in a wok or frying pan, add a small drop of oil, pour the eggs and stir until eggs are cooked
  • take out the eggs and leave to one side
  • Add some additional oil, about a teaspoon or 5ml into the wok/frying pan, pour in the rice
  • keep the rice moving ensuring that it doesn’t stick to the pan, add the eggs and then some dark soya sauce
  • You can also add some fresh peas as well for added flavour and colour
  • Ensure rice is hot and then pour or serve into a dish and enjoy

If this works then please pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Reflective thoughts on Blog Action Day

  1. Carl, wonderful post. I refrained from reading too many posts until had done mine or would have spent all day reading them. Been reading a few this evening which has been a wonderful insight into ideas, thoughts and inspiration about how to bring about change.
    I like your post too (hence commenting!). The food issue is a really big one. I only saw the first episode of Jamies Ministry of Food and hope to make time to catch up on the rest.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, will be testing this one tomorrow!

  2. of course you shouldn’t….. but you can also add salt & sugar too 😉 (one of our young volunteers cooked for us at the last AGM after spending the previous year cooking for his local Chinese Takeaway & apparently thats their secret!)

    Theres a big difference between absolute and relative poverty – very hard to seriously claim poverty in this country now and I’m sure many grandparents shake their heads in disbelief when they hear claims from people of being ‘working class’ nowadays.

    In contrast to your recipe heres what I ate last time in Malawi….

    humour aside by far the most difficult aspect of working over there is the knowledge that as you leave food on your plate the kids you’ve been working with in the day may not have eaten at all.

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