Progress report – SNS participation

The following update has been produced by Katie Bacon, Youth Participation Worker here at Devon County Council.

Current group established on profile

  • Don’t judge us before you know us!
  • Young Parents Group
  • Get UR Voice Heard – Website development

Young people whom have become friends to Youth Participation Team have been e-mailed with introduction e-mail which explains the terms and conditions of the acceptable behaviour, confidentiality and data protection.

Young people who only in Devon are accept as a friend. Currently we are not accepting friend requests from young people not in ‘live’ contact with Youth Participation Team.

Majority of the young people have joined relevant group, however, their participation/contribution on topics/issues has been low. I consider this due to lack of creativity on my part and the need to utilise visual/audio tools to promote discussion/contribution. There maybe the issue that young people do not consider the issue relevant, this will need to be clarified with the groups.

Future Plans:

  • Review terms of conditions/data protection/confidentiality/safeguarding- DCC regulations?
  • Utilise creative application tools to promote discussion/debate
  • Instigate discussion through different stimulus;
    • e-mail
    • group discussion
    • visual tools
    • live on-line debate (on profile/group wall)
    • vote
    • blogging
    • integration of website-utilising guidance notes
  • Regular up date profile with feedback/news of ‘live’ projects/meetings/events
  • Demonstrate how yp involvement has instigated change – up load videos/e-mails

Friend requests; clarification from management regarding acceptance of friend requests from young people not in contact with team – peer network.

Future group on profile:

Young people group; opportunity for elected young person to meet with local young person.

Evidence practice: record of each e-mail/wall contribution on the profile.

Evaluation: Invite friends to express/rate their views on the approaches/techniques adopted, suggestions on improvement and any criticism for continued learning and development.


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