A Personal Story – Part 4

A short and brief update.

Sharon had an appointment today to get the results of all the scans that she went through (MRI & CAT scans) to find out whether or not this was the end of a difficult but enlightening journey for us all or the beginning of another more difficult one.

well the great news is that she has been given the all clear, so we can finally draw a line under this and be thankful that we learnt our lessons before it got any worse.

She will need to have regular check-ups for a period of time to ensure her Thyroxin levels are enough to ensure that her brain doesn’t start thinking that she needs to start growing thyroid cells again as this could cause the cancer to return. But that is something which is straight forward.

This blog was not intended for this story but it has provided me with a way to express my thoughts and concerns without burdening my wife and family. This blog has also helped me make some great contacts with people and families who have experienced or who are experiencing the same or similar challenges.

If you need any more proof that these social media and web 2.0 tool can really connect people by interest and to provide support and encouragement across in reality thousands of miles in an instant, then this story is an example of that.

To each and everyone who has read this journey, sent comments, messages, emails of support, encouragement and love to my family.


Carl 🙂


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