Using Google Maps with formal GIS

As part of the wider redevelopment of the councils website we are also looking at how we can incorporate google maps.

We currently use ArcGIS and isn’t (in my humble opinion) very user friendly, but it is very powerful and good and doing what it does. A colleague and I met earlier in the week to look at what the challenges were and what the implications would be if we tried to migrate all of the current ArcGIS maps and data across to google maps. We were going to try and bid for some development money to pilot the use of weblogic (middleware software) to extract the information and integrate it into google maps without having to reinvest all the time and effort that has been spent on creating the originals.

The great news is that my colleague found the google geo developers blog which has a post called Using google maps to visualize arcgis.

This will save us time and money in moving forward with the use of google maps. The advantage of this is that we can continue using Arcgis for the internal GIS requirements for now and offer the public google maps.


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