A new era for corporate web

Today marks the last day of the corporate web team as we know it. The current team consists of Myself, Sarah Evans (Intranet & eServices), Russell Taylor (Web Development Officer) and Patrick Jones (Web Support Assistant).

The team is essentially separating into strategic web (my post), which is moving into Corporate ICT and operational web (Russell and Patrick) which is staying in Corporate Communications but refocused and realigned (further context of how this split came about here). You may have noticed that Sarah was not included, Sarah was only seconded into the team and unfortunately she is now returning to her substantive post.

I have mixed emotions today, sadness of losing a great team to work with and a great team to manage and i would like to say some good friends as well. I wish them all the best for the future and i know each and everyone of them will succeed. i do however feel happiness as well around starting a new challenge of taking forward the strategic web agenda, including social media. It is an exciting time and we are starting to implement and support some really great innovative projects, i am hoping that we can do a great deal more as well.

Anyway – A few photos that i have taken today of the team at work and our workspace…

Our wall – notice the picture of Australia…..
My tree “ob”


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