Mashed up – hold fire and wait….

In recent weeks i have been pondering whether or not my council should take the time and effort to develop Facebook or Bebo gadgets for positive activities information or youth participation activities. In fact any kind of gadget for these sites.

These thoughts were sparked by the recent consultation with young people as well as constructive conversations with Tim Davies around gadgets for youth participation.

My view is that as a user why would i want a “council” gadget…i personally like the idea but i still need convincing that this is the right way forward.

If we take positive activities (essential information aimed at young people about what activities and events are available to them) as an example then it would surely make more sense for a “national” gadget to be created that my council could feed data and information into it.  This way it would remove the potential “political boundary” issues that always occur with council services.

This i believe would make more sense to young people and would be more valuable in the  sense that they would only need one gadget for this information instead of potentially three or four depending on where they lived and how far they were prepared to travel for activities.

So today i put together a very quick and dirty model in my head, very simple, but it has already helped when talking to people about trying to encourage a wider development perspective.


What we need to do is focus on how we can contribute to the schema to enable our local data to be used wider. However it needs to be simple and not a burden to local authorities or it won’t work.

I am sure there will be much more around this topic and i hope to build a better picture as the one above does look pretty basic. Unless someone has one they can signpost me to…


2 thoughts on “Mashed up – hold fire and wait….

  1. Thanks Tim, i wasn’t aware of but just had a quick look and i think it would be great to start conversations around moving this forward.

    We can catch up in September or at the LGIU event.


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