The beginnings of a content strategy

For some time now i have been thinking that we need to create a content strategy. As an idea it was reinforced by a post i read a while ago by Tim Davies relating to his post  “6 things thinks I learnt from BarCampUKGovWeb”  which stated as point 5:

We need to be thinking about content strategies, not web strategies.
Citizens want information. Government wants to get content to citizens. Websites are only one platform. And platforms are just a small part of the process.

It made even more sense to me today as i attended a demo of “BEA Aqualogic“, i’m not recommending this as such but the demo struck a few chords with me in relation to content strategies.

I started to think about these questions and started to build a basic framework for what a content strategy might look like here.  (If anyone has created or published one, i would welcome a look)

Basic questions

  1. Where does content/knowledge come from and who contributes to the creation process.
    • customer services
    • residents themselves
    • staff
    • business applications
    • partners
  2. What are the types of content (these are often layered or combined to create meaningful chunks of information for people)
    • text
    • picture
    • photo
    • link
    • video
    • audio
    • document
    • maps
  3. How do we manage the content
    • what software we use to create it
    • what systems we hold the content in
    • what level of access/authentication should it have
    • retention and review policies
    • accessibility of content
  4. How do we publish and present this content
    • web
    • mobile
    • pda
    • print
    • mash-ups
    • ditv
    • socially (we share it out)

It will be important to get this strategy reflected in other strategies such as customer data strategy, information management strategy, access strategy, communications strategy, i also think it will be important to shift the focus of a web strategy to services and online take-up. Perhaps reflecting organisational challenges through intranet as well, although for me this is “desktop 2.0”

But my journey is just beginning in this area and i  will continue my thought process.


6 thoughts on “The beginnings of a content strategy

  1. Thanks for the comments guys

    @Richard – interesting book, i might need to get a copy to pass around others in my team and in the council

  2. I’m working on a content strategy for my department ( – glad I came across this post, it’s a great starting point. Carl if you’ve made any progress I’d love to see it…

  3. Thanks Neil, This was early draft stuff, i pulled it together because of multiple projects in this area and felt that an overarching framework would give us much more focus.

    Happy to chat about stuff in the future, I am not anticipating starting any formal work around this until later September.


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