Aggregation of Communities in Action

In Devon we have a number of things going on which attempt to support or facilitate communities, voluntary sector in the community planning process.

One thing we do to help support the co-ordination and communications is provide a database which is called communities in action. One of the ideas for this in moving it forward is how we can develop something which creates an automated approach to some of the data gathering.

For example, if a community creates a plan which has identified a number of objectives, then local groups of organisations can associate themselves to the objective and also receive information on who else is working to that objective. This would help joint working or collaboration at a community level on prioritised community regeneration or development projects.

So i guess i am trying to work out the approach, which is a bit like an aggregation of actions but how would it find them unless they were published to some consistent schema or associated by “tag”.

If anyone reading this has ideas or is aware of something broadly similar then let me know. i know i am probably missing something obvious here, but i am so far involved now i can’t see the wood for the trees.


2 thoughts on “Aggregation of Communities in Action

  1. I think tagging is the way that this would have to go, and you would probably need a human involved somewhere, linking things up, doing online intros, etc.

  2. Thanks Dave, I had thought about how “pageflakes” works as a model, but not sure if that would work with a more structured “tagging” schema….

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