Experience: The Blog: When Personalization Gets Creepy

This is an interesting blog post, which carries on the discussion about how effective personalisation and does it work?

Perhaps we need to work out what personalisation really means within local government, if you read this and then play a scenario of a resident, in the context of the Government losing more personal data, i guess it could become worrying or even concerning to think “who actually has access to my information”.

Gerry McGovern’s point about just getting the tasks right and ensuring that people can do what they came to do quickly. For me personalisation has a sliding scale and we need to get the balance right

I particularly like this quote from the blog which highlights some research from University of Illinois

Perhaps the most interesting finding is that the degree of personalization didn’t matter; it was the value to the consumer that mattered the most! Says White, “If the offer was valuable and justified, the level of personal information didn’t matter. Firms were no better off for throwing all of your personal information at you.”


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