Damn those early bidders on ebay

This post was triggered by my wife, who has been slightly addicted to ebay recently after a long absence, caused by some crucial lost purchases.

We are both “watching” some items at present and what annoys the hell out of my wife is people who bid way in advance. Now i know it is down to the individual but my wife does prefer and some what enjoys the last minute frenzy that occurs when you frantically press the refresh button with seconds to go.

BUT and this is what drives my wife crazy, people decide to raise the price days in advance…..to directly quote my wife “Don’t they bloody understand the concept of late bidding, they are only making it more expensive for themselves and to those who actually want it”.

I have a theory here, i think that people who bid early are either friends or linked to the people who are selling to ensure that the price is good, i suspect that they have already arranged a price “offline” and are willing to lose the item should a better price come along.  I wonder whether there is a site which actually facilitates this “covert” ebay price scamming?

I am of course only suggesting this happens in frustration of losing a “kangeroo Poo”  t-shirt which i was desperate to own, but was not prepared to pay the inflated price (which was exactly the same as the shop price).

On that note and if you use ebay, please remember my wife’s saying as she may well be bidding against you during those last few seconds…..3.2.1 – congratulations you are the successful bidder.


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