I sit between the circles of social media and enterprise 2.0

I was reading a blog post by Susan Scrupski about circles of expertise in 2.0 for eBiz. It hit a chord for me as i have been thinking a lot about where my future lay in terms of progression and career and my previous posts about “do we really need web managers” doesn’t particulary fill me with confidence for the future.

So where to position myself moving forward…..

I have been reading about various types of roles and functions and frankly that puts me too much into a box, not sure i like small boxes much, big 2.0 boxes are ok, for now anyway.

A particular function/role does appeal to me within a context of social media and enterprise 2.0 which is Enterprise Architecture. My council has a team of Enterprise Architects and they get involved in cool stuff, so why not try and aim for that arena.

A post by Prasad Sombhatta on “who is an architect and what do they do” is an interesting read and gives a common view or what EA’s do.

I am personally interested in social media and how that can deliver business transformation, but i am also very keen on the wider use of the Web/Digital media for business transformation.

This journey has only just begun and i will no doubt share my thoughts as it progresses


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