How big does your megaphone need to be


The interesting thing about social networking and blogging is that it can give you a huge megaphone to the world. I was listening to Tim Davies the other day as he came down to help us work on a project to engage young people through social networks, he said that young people see Social networking as a huge megaphone to the world.

But how big does your megaphone need to be before you become noticed and recognised in the WWW. I have started to read a few blogs which have been around for some time and they obviously have a reputation and a following. But what is it that makes your virtual space popular or referred to. Some are just pure gold and are seen on many a blog roll. I know my blog roll is not complete but i am searching for more inspiration on a daily basis. If you know a good blog and want to recommend it, please let me know. 🙂

The reason i read the blogs i do is because i have a real interest in what they say and respect their views. They may not all know that but those on my blog roll are exactly that. I see the list as a personal recommendation and i wouldn’t recommend something if i didn’t think it would offer value, inspiration or insight to others.

One of the biggest things i have learnt in the last week is that i know only a small amount surrounding this new innovative area of social media and web 2.0 compared to most of the blogs i read. I have challenged myself to read more, question more and seek feedback from those who i respect.

So as i continue on my journey, i hope to see you along the way, if i do, stop me and say hello and tell me what your reading or whose blog your reading.


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