A Plausible Promise

A colleague Sarah has just today started her first blog and raises an interesting question about the validity of blogging for everyday folk. I talk about East Lothian and EduBuzz as a great example of what can happen, but i guess one example in the education sector is not quite enough for some people. So please let us both know of any business related examples where blogging was found to add value and even time to what they did.

For me, blogging offers a plausible promise “Eric Raymond calls a “plausible promise”: something big enough to inspire interest yet achievable enough to inspire confidence.” as i said in my very first blog post

well firstly share my thoughts and life events and general activities, some maybe questions around work or just life in general. But mostly i want to enjoy the blogging experience and when i feel i am more comfortable, i may expand my blog a bit more. One step at a time…

But since then and that was only over a week ago, i am personally already finding the experience beneficial in clarifying my thoughts and already i am feeling a bit more connected.

But the simplest promise blogging offers me is a free platform to speak my mind and share my thoughts, after all don’t we all really like to say what we think, but don’t always get the chance. Now for those who know me, i am not afraid of saying what i think offline, but this gives me wider access to all those people i don’t get to see that often.

I aim to bring a mix of photos, drawings and doodles to this blog as well.


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